We opened February with Rainbows and Raindrops... we learned that God sure knew what He was doing because without rain and sun we wouldn't have the beautiful world surround us with trees and flowers and vegetables and fruits...St. Valentine was an amazing man! We love how he spread love and thankfulness with his special cards and notes all those years ago... We shall keep with tradition and celebrate with fun, games, snacks, prizes and crafts on Valentine's Day(s)! We thought of an interesting theme for Yodeling Yawn Y... we will explore Yo-yo's, jump ropes, hop scotch and other "old" fashion games and toys... Imagine a world without screens, Ipads and cell phones... ahhhh, the good OLE days! The month will end with a special theme for "D"... DISNEY will take over both preschool and kindergarten rooms as we celebrate the wonderful world Walt Disney brought into our homes for many decades.

Yes, we do incorporate learning amongst all the fun as we have learned about opposites and pairs. Our olders are quite refined in telling time on the hour. We have been labeling and dating our papers and drawings; Matching upper to lower case letters; and sequencing numbers as well as stories.  We are proud of our growing minds~