Wow oh wow February is here and we have so much to share with you!  In religion we have been learning the stories of Jesus' miracles, and the importance of Our Blessed Mother. From Our Lady of Guadeloupe to our most recent discovery on Our Lady of Lourdes, we have learned how much our Mother loves us and does all in her power to take care of us. In math we are learning about greater than, less than, and equal too. We are also learning the concept of adding, and finding sums. In social studies we are learning about the amazing world around us. We are studying maps and globes to learn about the many continents and countries our world has to offer. In reading we are growing in our knowledge of our word families: ag, ig, in, ip, and it. Learning all these new word families is opening our reading skills to so many new possibilities! We cannot wait to see what we are going to learn next, and we especially cannot wait to share those experiences with you.