Wow oh wow! November is here and are ready to share with you my dear! Now that our rhyming bit is in, we are so excited to share the amazing work we have done so far. At the end of October we were blessed to go to Trabbic Farm and visit Deacon Trabbic and attend Mass. Though it was a bit cold and rainy, we were still able to learn a lot about the importance of bees (thank you Deacon Trabbic) and pick our pumpkins. Our visit to Our Lady of Fatima Blue Army Shrine was a beautiful experience. Father John taught the students about Our Lady of Fatima, the three children, and the angel that visited them. They had a little play of sorts during the Mass as they traveled to the statute of Our Lady of Fatima, as Father John told us the story. During Benediction, Father reminded the students that when the three children prayed, they would pray on their knees with their foreheads touching the ground. After he said that, next thing Ms. Jones (our 1st grade teacher) and I knew, the students were kneeling with their heads touching the ground the entire Benediction. It was a precious and beautiful moment that not only showed how much they were listening, but also their love for Jesus and Mary. Halloween was a complete success and we are gearing up for Thanksgiving. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we have begun journal writing about the holiday. Through the entire month of November students will be writing sentences to Thanksgiving themed prompts (Yes, you heard us, sentences! Our sight words are being put to good use). In order to make our sentences fun and full of wonder, we are continuing to learn more and more sights word; as well as practicing our letters and sounds. In math we are learning about positions words and how they are used in real life. From up and down, above and below, inside and outside, and left and right we are really digging deep "inside" ourselves to learn the concepts. In science we are learning about how animals stay safe in the wild, and we are getting ready to learn about community works in social studies. In religion we have been learning about the color vestments that the priest wears and their meanings, and things we can find in the church. We have a lot more to learn, and can't wait to share it with you!