Dear St. Stephen families,

It is always great to see the students again; I can’t believe we have been in school for a month!  We made a few changes this year.  Kindergarten is now in the new wing next to Pre-school and that is working wonderfully.  We added two new teachers to our staff; Mrs. Jessica Goodman is teaching 4th grade, and Mr. Ken Appleby is teaching 7th grade.

Mrs. Goodman was a student here at St. Stephen School. She is dedicated to the success of St. Stephen and is very happy to be teaching at her alma mater. Mr. Appleby is very familiar with the area; he served on the Huron School District Board for 20 years and is eager and excited to teach again.  He took a tour of our school and was impressed with the staff he met and our approach to teaching.  He also is eager to be here as a part of the success of St. Stephen School.  I speak for the staff when I say that we are happy that they are part of our family.

We also made some improvements to the building over the summer.  We received an extremely generous donation which allowed us to install new heating/cooling units in each classroom and throughout the school.  Thank you to those who were responsible for this donation; our school is very comfortable as well as being energy efficient.  We have installed safety film on certain areas of the school to prevent the glass from breaking and to make it difficult to get access to the school.  This is another measure taken to keep our students in a safe and secure environment.

At the beginning of the month Sr. Dafina Grabanica, Daughter of Charity, visited the students to talk to them about her vocation and teach the students about her mission. The students were humbled and touched by her story and the work that the Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Theresa, do for the poor.  The Athletic Booster Club had a very successful golf outing on the 7th, thank you to all who made that beautiful day possible. The first Parish/School picnic was on the 8th and that had a wonderful turnout.  A very big thank you to everyone who worked so diligently on making that an excellent outing for families!

Have a blessed day,


Mrs. Christine Vaughan