EIGHTH GRADE-Miss Hutcherson



The first quarter of the year is already done, and time continues to move fast. Students began the month by participating in the Living Rosary, which is always so beautiful.  On November 5, the middle school was fortunate enough to celebrate Mass at the Cemetery in honor of All Soul's Day. It is the first time in a few years that the weather cooperated enough for us to do this. In the classroom, students have been keeping busy with their studies. They made scale models in math, are studying the American movement west in history, finished the novel Out of the Dust, and are reflecting on the Passion and Resurrection of Christ in religion. Additionally, students have begun to research a historical figure for the wax museum that the middle school will be putting on in a few months. On a different note, we wish to express our gratitude to everyone that continues to support us as a class and school. We are truly blessed to have the opportunities that we have, and so we want to thank those who make those opportunities possible.