Many things are happening in 3rd grade.  We studied a variety of noteworthy people and presented our findings to the class as if we were that person. Tying in with our biographies, we read about and discussed Martin Luther King, Jr., his dream, and what our dream is for our country. We also talked about our presidents and the enormous job that they have.  In Math, we’re building our multiplication/division skills everyday—adding to our ‘scoops’, trying to become Multiplication Masters. Some students have already attained master status, with several others close behind. In Science, we continue our work with the Life Sciences.  We have acquired some ‘class pets’. We have a collection of worms in a simulated forest floor.  We are observing how these organisms change their environment. These decomposers are helping the leaves on the ‘forest floor’ become part of the soil again. In our daily Religion classes, we have been focusing on forgiveness. We’re gaining a deeper understanding of the healing sacraments—Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick.  With the beginning of Lent upon us, these are wonderful ways to reflect on our lives and how we can change and grow in God’s love.