We are officially 100 days smarter! We celebrated our 100th day of first grade in mid-February by doing some building and measuring activities with a hundred different objects in small groups. We celebrated President’s Day with kindergarten by learning all about President Lincoln and President Washington with fun books and organizing charts. Valentine’s Day was also a ton of fun as we explored St. Valentine and celebrated by passing Valentines to our friends, making crafts, enjoying a snack and watching some Charlie Brown! We have been learning more about the Sacraments and what makes the church Catholic. In math we are working on place value and shapes. In science we are having fun experimenting with matter; and we are learning more about solids, liquids, and gases. On Valentine’s Day we experimented with candy conversation hearts to see if they would sink or float in soda, water, and vinegar. Matter is exciting! We are continuing to find the joy in writing about various topics in our journals and are learning about describing more using adjectives. We can’t wait to see what learning adventures come in March!