St. Stephen Scrip
Tuition Reduction Program

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means substitute money. Scrip is gift certificates used like cash provided by retailers who want to support non-profit organizations. Scrip is gift certificates for places you already shop such as grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, movie theaters, home improvement stores and restaurants. We are not asking you to buy anything you cannot use and there is no cost to you. If you buy a $25 card, you pay only the $25.

How it works

St. Stephen buys the scrip at a discount and sells it to our school families at face value. St. Stephen applies the profit to your tuition account. Each K-8 family has the option to either pay an additional $200 in tuition or participate in the Scrip Tuition Reduction Program. If you participate in Scrip for the 2020-2021 school year, you have until February 15, 2021 to earn $200 of Scrip profit or pay the difference. If you go over the initial $200 of profit, 50% will be retained by the school and 50% will come off of your tuition for the following school year. We have many families receiving hundreds of dollars off of next year’s tuition from buying Scrip for items their family was going to purchase anyway.

For example: If you buy a $100 Meijer card that has a 3% profit, you will accumulate $3.00 towards your account.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Fluent at or 734-753-4175.