The objective of the Uniform Dress Code at St. Stephen is to maintain an appearance of neatness, visual uniformity, and simplicity. Good grooming is part of the educational process of each student. Through it we teach self-discipline, self-control, self-respect and the importance of proper dress for different occasions and the importance of the learning environment. Therefore, proper attire and hairstyling in accord with wellaccepted tastes is St. Stephen’s standard. Uniforms tend to lessen material competition, thereby freeing the students to focus on academics and higher social values. Please remember that school is a place to learn not to demonstrate fashion. Student’s appearance should be such as not to distract others from learning. Appropriate clothing and appearance helps the students keep focus on what is important. All uniforms should be kept clean and pressed as needed and in good repair. With this in mind, students shall be dressed as follows:


Blue plaid uniform jumper with a white or light blue polo shirt with three buttons, long or short sleeves. Jumpers must be knee length. A navy blue sweatshirt, with St. Stephen logo or a button up navy blue sweater may be worn. Navy blue uniform dress slacks may be worn. In September, May and June navy blue knee length dress shorts may be worn.

GR. 5-8

Navy blue or khaki, loose fit, dress slacks with a navy blue, light blue, or white polo shirt. Hip hugger or low cut slacks are not permissible. Belts must be worn. The blue plaid uniform skirt and blue plaid uniform skort may be worn. A navy blue sweatshirt, with St. Stephen logo only, may be worn. In September, May and June they may wear navy blue or khaki dress shorts.

Socks: Solid color, white, navy, or black crew socks, knee highs or tights. Colors should match the uniform colors.

Make-up of any kind is not allowed. Only clear chapstick is permissible. No lip gloss, mascara, eye liners, or eye shadow of any kind. No nail polish. No fake nails.

Small conservative post type earrings only (one set). No drop earrings. Earrings are to be worn in the ear lobe only. No other earrings are allowed. No excessive, expensive jewelry. Only a religious type of necklace will be allowed. No current fad accessories such as beads, pearls, chokers, plastic wrist bands, ankle bracelets, etc.

Only conservative, neat hair styles are acceptable. Hair must be natural color with no tints or dyes. Hair should not obstruct the vision of the student. Only small modest hair accessories allowed. Headbands must be navy blue, brown, black or white.

Leather dress shoes with a closed heel and toe in dark black or dark brown. NO CANVAS, CLOTH OR PLASTIC SHOES ALLOWED. Heels are to be no higher than one and one quarter inch.

Leggings may be worn under the skirt or jumper from November 1 st through April 1st . They must be solid color, navy or black. They must go to the ankles. You must wear socks with them.

BOYS: GR. K-4:

Solid color, navy blue uniform dress slacks with a light blue polo shirt, long or short sleeves. If slacks have belt loops, a belt must be worn. Belts are to be plain – black, brown or navy blue. Optional: In September, May and June, they may wear navy blue dress shorts that go to the knee. A navy blue sweatshirt, with St. Stephen logo only, may be worn.

GR 5-8:

Navy blue or khaki uniform dress slacks with a white, navy blue or light blue polo shirt. A navy blue sweatshirt, with St. Stephen logo, may be worn. Belts (plain- black, brown or navy blue) must be worn.

Only conservative, neat hairstyles are acceptable. No tinting or dying of hair will be allowed. Current fads are not allowed. Hair must be natural color. No fad haircuts or shavings are allowed. Length of hair: nothing below the eyebrows, hair shall be above the shirt collar.

No earrings or jewelry are allowed. No fad accessories. Only a religious type necklace will be allowed.

Leather dress shoes in dark black or dark brown.. No designs or visible logos. NO CANVAS, CLOTH OR PLASTIC SHOES ALLOWED.

Socks: Only solid color, white, navy, khaki, or black crew socks.


St. Stephen sweatshirts, if worn, must be worn over the uniform polo shirt. Collar must be pulled over the sweatshirt neckline.

All jumpers, skirts, shorts, and skorts must be knee length.

Polo shirts must be a knit shirt with a collar and a two or three button front. No logos are permitted. The polo shirt must be buttoned to the top and tucked in at all times.

Utility and cargo pants or shorts are not permitted for any grade at any time.

If your child is playing sports for St. Stephen CYO, they are permitted to wear their game jersey over their uniform.

All clothing should be labeled with the student’s name.

A plain navy blue or white cardigan may be worn.

No rolling book bags/backpacks are allowed.

Students not complying with the dress code will not be admitted to the classroom and parents will be called.

Administration has the authority to determine unacceptable grooming or dress.


Gray sweatpants with the St. Stephen logo and red t shirts or red sweatshirts with the small St. Stephen pocket. Gray sweat shorts may be worn in September, May and June. Gym uniforms must be purchased from our school office.


Jean Day is held during the last week of each month, the day will be determined at the beginning of the school year. Jeans must be blue denim and loose fitting. Gym shoes are to be worn with the jeans. Money collected on this day is put into the Technology Fund. Once again, administration has the authority to determine unacceptable dress on this day. If the last week is during a holiday, there is no make-up day.