We are very excited to kick off another year of our Accelerated Reader program!
St. Stephen students in grades K-8 are able to participate in Accelerated Reader which combines children’s literature with a software testing and management system that gives feedback on comprehension and reading performance. Participating in our Accelerated Reader program is very simple
1. The children will be given a reading range determined by their STAR (Student Test of Ability in Reading) and STAR Early Literacy test results.
*STAR is used for grades 3-8 and any younger student deemed ready by their teacher.
*STAR Early Literacy is used for students K-2.
2 The students select a book in their reading range
3. The students read chosen book
4. The students take a multiple choice test on the book.

Each student will be given a quarterly reading goal. The goal is based on the STAR test results and assuming 15-20 minutes of reading per day. You can check your student’s goals and progress via the Home Connect website. The instruction sheet for Home Connect is being sent home along with each students STAR reading results.

Each Accelerated Reader book has a point value. Points are determined by the difficulty of the words used in the book as well as the length of the book. The students earn points on each test based on the percent of the questions they accurately answer. Students will be given two opportunities to test each week. The first is on Tuesdays with volunteers in the computer lab and the second is in their classroom.

We do have an incentive component to our program to help motivate the students. Any student that reaches his/her 9 week goal will be given a Stallion buck to be redeemed at the AR store. The AR store has many fun prizes to choose from including jean day passes, markers, books, stuffed animals, pencils, etc. If a student surpasses his/her 9 week goal, they will be given a second Stallion Buck to redeem at the store. The Stallion Bucks may be redeemed at the end of the quarter or saved to purchase a larger prize at the end of the year. This year we have an added incentive: any class that has every student meet their goal will receive a classroom reward.

To determine if a book is an AR book the children simply have to check the spine of the books in our library. Each book is marked with an Accelerated Reader sticker and has the book level indicated as well. If you chose to read a book from home or another library you can check to see if it is an AR book on the website: www.arbookfind.com. You can also determine the point value of the book on this website. If you read books at home that are not from our library, you may want to send in the name of the book your child will be testing on to avoid any confusion over the specific book.

The Accelerated REader and STAR Reading programs are generously sponsored by St. Stephen Parent Guild.