March has come in like a lion that included Lent, time change, reading month, St. Patrick's Day and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

To ready ourselves we have discussed and made lists and prayers to become closer to Our Lord by practicing our Christianity.  We made prayer and thank you cards for those in need. And sent wishes and prayers out the window to those requested by the preschoolers (to include pets).

We have finally been able to romp outside as the time change requires such outlets. Guest (parent) readers have read stories to us as well as upper grade students and teachers. Green attire, rainbow decorations, leprechaun traps and pots of gold filled our St. Patty's Days (along with a song that tells St. Patrick's Tale). Lastly, we will end the  month discussing our progress in class, learning styles and... kindergarten!

Hoping March will close like a sweet little Lamb that blesses us with Spring and a renewal that binds us closer to Our Maker!