The school year is picking up pace as we are faced with the time change, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and upcoming progress reports.  As we reflect on the year we find it hard to believe we are ending our first year in our brand new classroom. We have enjoyed every moment! We want to thank Mrs. Vaughan and staff for all of the help and support they provided throughout.

It has proven to be a delightful learning environment as we continue to develop our kindergarten readiness skills. The pre-K children are writing their first and last names, titling and dating papers and folding, tracing and cutting.

The younger group is close behind as they, too, are drawing pictures and utilizing tracing and cutting skills.

We’ve lessons about Good Friday and Easter. Our art projects adorn the hallways. We enjoyed a week with St. Patrick and the excitement the leprechauns brought (a pot of gold and goodies).

March kicked off with a wonderful world where Show and Tell provided us with some really cool paraphernalia from Japan, Africa and China!

Our sprout walk brought hope as we discovered tulips, hyacinth and daffodils peeking from the beautiful parish gardens! We learned the lifecycle of a flower that week.

Peace and Hope as He has risen!