It's been a bumpy start to the New Year as we have had many days cancelled due to inclement weather... we have enjoyed what time we've been able to spend in between...

We met some new Letter People. Incredible Inches I, Dazzling Dancer D, Under Umbrella U and Kaboom Kick K. Each brought new adventures to learning that included Igloos, Dinosaurs, Under the Sea creatures and Koalas/Kangaroos...

St. Valentine is our newest Saint we have learned about as he is honored on February 14th. We feel it is important that the children understand the holiday... Hallmark can overshadow the true history!

We have enjoyed our lessons with Father John... most recently he took both preschoolers and kindergartners on a narrative tour of his beautiful church. The children were captivated by all they discovered... post discussion we learned the confessionals and altar were most intriguing. It was nice to share learned prayers in church. Thank you, Father John!

We shall continue refining our names in print, reviewing site words, counting to higher numbers, dancing to new rhymes and viewing Brother Francis as we prepare ourselves for higher learning (preschool and kindergarten).

Many proud moments as the children are beaming with "ah-ha" moments!!!