This past month in Kindergarten has been a very busy time. Not only have we been learning to read our ‘popcorn’ words, recognize solid and plane shapes and sort them into groups, find out about plants, learn out about our country and what it means to be a patriotic American, but we got to go on a field trip with the whole school to Trabbic Farm and decorate pumpkins with our 7th grade buddies. We are also making a book showing our appreciation to God for all he has done for us. We are each writing a prayer of thanksgiving for one of God’s gifts. When it’s done, a company is going to bind our book for us and we can get a copy to keep forever. Our Lady of Guadalupe (our pilgrim image statue) has begun visiting all of our homes. She spends a week with each of us. We put her in a special place and pray to her each day with our family. When she comes to our house, we have a special assignment. We are making a “Faith Quilt”. We choose a square on a big cloth and decorate it with a sign of our faith (i.e. a Bible story, a prayer, or a Christian act). By the end of the year, our Faith Quilt will be filled with pictures and prayers about our Catholic faith. We are all eagerly waiting for our turn to bring them home with us.