The children are working hard, getting ready for 1st grade. We are adding and subtracting numbers, trying hard to learn our math facts. We are sounding out words with short vowel sounds and practicing our sight words. We even wrote a story about an event in our life.

We have been learning about community helpers and the goods and services that those varying professions offer. We see, through this, that all people have different things to contribute to make our world work. We are also learning that the resources that God gave us need to be used carefully, respectfully, and not wasted. We need to take care of the Earth and all that comes from God.

As we approach Easter, and all the glory that it contains, we are reminded of  Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the celebration of the first Mass, the great sacrifice that He made for us on the cross and His triumph over sin and death when He rose on Easter Sunday.

As we contemplate these miraculous events, we wish everyone a blessed Easter season, filled with hope and the promise of the Resurrection!