Dear St. Stephen families,

First and foremost, the students, faculty, and staff continue to pray for Fr. John during his time of healing.  We miss him greatly, but we want him to take as much time as he needs to rest and rejuvenate.  The 7th grade class visited Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, and I was able to attend this year.  It was a beautiful day, and our hosts were wonderful. After our visit, and for Fr. John’s health, we will be dedicating this year to praying for vocations to encourage more good men and women into the clergy and religious life.

Applefest has come and gone, and even though it was a very wet day the spirit of those working it was not dampened.  Once again, the pies baked by our volunteers were not only delicious, but also a hit with the community.  There were 368 made and only 20 left after Applefest was over, but those were sold the days following the festival!  Thank you to those of you that helped to make them and to those of you who bought them.  The profit from selling the pies goes directly into our Technology Fund.

Parent Guild put on a spaghetti dinner this year which was successful.  The rain made the event a slow one, but the dinner was delightful, and the portions were plentiful. It was almost torturous to be in the school on the day that our volunteers were baking the apple pies and making the spaghetti sauce.  The aroma was mouth-watering and spectacular!  Thank you to the Parent Guild for the dinner, but also for taking such good care of our crafters.  I know that they appreciated the attention and nourishment that they were given for participating in our event.  Thank you to the 7th and 8th grade workers who were gracious hosts and hostesses; I am proud of the impression you made on the visitors.

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Christine Vaughan