The 6th Grade students and their teacher have had a very spiritually enriching Lent. We participated in Stations of the Cross, attended beautiful Holy Hours in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament, prayed the Rosary and discussed the Ten Commandments with Father John, received the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and increased our Scripture readings. Now we joyfully anticipate the joys of Easter! Our salmon are getting BIG! We will release them after Easter vacation. We are now reading a new novel, A Long Way from Chicago . Set at time of the Great Depression,  Grandma Dowdel, the main character, performs many of the Corporal Acts of Mercy in her own unique little way. Her methods can be pretty sneaky, but she cares for many people in her small town. The students wrapped up their study of Earth’s waters by completing a model and doing a report on an ocean organism. The oceans, we’ve discovered, are filled with unique examples of God’s magnificent creation. Black dragonfish, blob fish, blanket octopus, dumbo, and the venomous stonefish are just a few of the organisms the students chose for their subjects. They did a great job! We continue to pray for the parishioners of St. Stephen Parish. May God bless you during the beautiful season of Easter.