The 5th grade students have been busy learning and enjoying the snowy, cold winter. The students are having fun reading the book Bud, Not Buddy by Michigan author, Christopher Paul Curtis. It is about the escapades of ten-year-old Bud Caldwell an orphan in Flint, Michigan during the Great Depression. They are enjoying learning sayings that were popular during that time, as well as, finding out what life was like. The students are excited to see what else Bud experiences.  In Social Studies, we have been exploring the different types of governments in past and present nations, how our country runs with the involvement of citizens, and rights and responsibilities of citizens.  In Science, we have been examining how all organisms are connected in ecosystems, food chains, and food webs. We had fun visiting with Pre-K and helping the students complete their centers, 5th grade and Pre-K enjoyed the learning experience together. We all hope everyone has been staying warm and safe during the past winter weather and the coming winter weather.