It is so amazing how fast time in passing, and 4th grade has been busy at work. We recently had our weekend Sunday Mass. During the Mass, our class did a little extra special something. As you may have read in our past bulletins, the subject a “Real Hero” has been prominent. We have learned what it means to be a real hero, and how the people we have recognized throughout the year displayed attributes of living like a hero. Our biggest heroes have been the saints. So over the past month, each student picked and researched their own saint hero. We learned about their lives and their impact on the Church and the world. At our Sunday Mass we decided to share our findings, by becoming the saints ourselves. The students dressed up as their hero and did a small presentation on one thing they learned about their saint. All of the students did an amazing job! I was so incredibly proud. There were so many parishioners that came up to say what a great job they did. Fr. John was especially happy! In Social Studies we have begun exploring the Midwest. As we travel from Michigan to Illinois; we are excited to learn about their history, economics, and geography. In science we have been exploring the components of soil and water throughout the earth. We will soon be taking our field trip to the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Ohio. We can’t wait to share more of our experiences with you!