March is Reading Month! This month we are exploring Michigan authors, reading a variety of stories by people from our wonderful state. Some stories are simply fun, silly stories, others are about the state that we live in. Tying in with our Michigan history, some of the stories are about legends for different places in our state. This, along with our regular Michigan history lessons, gets us more excited about our upcoming trip to our state capitol and historical center on April 1st. Thank you again to everyone who supported our fundraiser in the fall, making this trip possible.

We continue practicing our multiplication and division facts in Math. We are eager to add ‘scoops’ to our multiplication ice cream cones.

In Science, we’ve been studying changes in ecosystems—how organisms change their ecosystems, how other forces of nature change ecosystems and how these changes affect the organisms in an environment.

In Religion, Lent is our focus. We are all trying to find ways to become closer to God.  We are looking for extra ways to be kind and helpful, both at home and at school.  We are making sacrifices and trying to pray more in an effort to deepen our relationship with God. We also see Lent as a season for change and new beginnings. Just like Spring brings new life and changes from bare desolation to beautiful flowers, we wish you all a Lent filled with new beginnings and ‘beautiful flowers’