Welcome back to everyone! Our year is off to a great start. We’re all settling in to our new classroom and new routines.  We are excited to have some new friends this year and it’s great to see our old friends, too.

We have already been busy reviewing place value and addition/subtraction in Math. We’re sharpening our reading skills, by using decoding, context clues, and illustrations as we read together. In Religion, we are focused on the Church as one body, with many parts, all called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We also look forward to meeting with Father John each week to study more about the Sacraments and participate in special prayer services/holy hours. Father has already taken us on a special pilgrimage/field trip to the Pious Union of St. Joseph in Grass Lake. It is beautiful there. After Mass and a tour of the grounds, Father took us out for pizza—YUM!  Thank you, Father, for a wonderful day! In Science, we’re starting a unit all about living things.  Our Social Studies class started out with a lot of sharing about our summer fun in the great state of Michigan. We are also reviewing our map skills and knowledge of communities.

The Social Studies focus for 3rd grade is Michigan history. As a culminating activity, we will be visiting our state capitol and the Michigan Historical Center in Lansing this spring. To help offset the cost for the bus needed for this trip, 3rd grade will be hosting some fundraisers throughout the year. Look for information about our first fundraiser next month in the church bulletin. We will be selling cake rolls from Audrey’s Pumpkin and Gourmet Cake Rolls—a Michigan world company, located in South Haven. They have come highly recommended and are known for quality and excellence.  We hope you can help us out by purchasing one or more for your holiday events. Orders will be taken during the first part of October and the rolls will be delivered, frozen, in mid-November—just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas