Wow! Things sure are busy in 3rd grade.  I can’t believe that we are already more than half way through the school year.  We are working hard, trying to be the best students that we can be.

We are busy practicing our multiplication and division facts in Math. We are eager to add ‘scoops’ to our multiplication ice cream cones. We’ve been reading some interesting stories, exploring different genres—fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, nonfiction or informational, and poetry. Through these we continue to sharpen our reading skills, by using decoding, context clues, and illustrations as we read together.

In Religion, we are focused on God’s great love, and His forgiveness and healing power. We are trying to remember that God wants us to forgive and ask forgiveness. From this, students are finding out how great it feels to forgive one another and ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes. We continue to make prayer a central part of our life. In Science, we’ve been studying ecosystems—how organisms rely on each other, different types of ecosystems, and the adaptations of living things that make it possible to survive in their ecosystem.  In our Social Studies class, we continue studying about the great state of Michigan, as we anticipate our field trip to the state capital in April.