What a busy month we are having!  The second graders are full of spring fever and are anxiously awaiting some warm weather and sunshine. In religion we are preparing for our First Communion. We are also learning about the season of Lent and how we can grow closer to Jesus through prayer, fasting and making sacrifices.  We continue to read lots of wonder stories in our reading book.  In math we are learning how to count money and tell time on a real clock.  The students are doing a wonderful job learning their cursive letters.  In science we are learning about different habitats and how plants and animals survive in different habitats.  We are also learning about natural resources and how we must conserve them for the future by practicing the 3Rs-reduce, reuse, recycle. There is not a spare moment in the second grade.  There’s still so much to do.  The second graders work very hard and are very tired when they go home at the end of the day and so is their teacher! We wish all of you a blessed Lenten season!