Our first graders have been very busy working on writing. We have done many fun journal activities to increase our sentence structure and writing stamina, along with pieces on Johnny Appleseed and Christopher Columbus. We also wrote a recipe for applesauce after making some in a crockpot in our classroom! It was kid tested and teacher approved! In math we have been working on doubles using a special doubles song, counting by two’s, and beginning addition. We loved comparing numbers using greater than and less than signs with our good helper friend “Ally the Alligator.” To increase our reading stamina we have been working hard on sight words and really enjoy reading around the room to our stuffed animal (reading buddies.) In science we just finished up life cycles of plants, and are working on different types of animals. In religion we have been working on getting to know the Rosary, the traits of the Catholic Church, and the seven sacraments. We enjoyed our pilgrimages to Grass Lake and Trabbic Farm!